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Thru the years, Variable Luminaire Corp. has been the reputable manufacture in the development and promotion of original and ingenious lighting products that provides customers with unique designs and high efficiency lightings for residential, retail and commercial need.

Our predominant goal for over 20 years, has always been to provide customers with optimum grade lighting products that caters to customary or specific needs. Every single lamp and fixtures in our catalog goes thru meticulous maneuvers, each parts and accessories ed with caution, each construction goes through comprehensive testing by our own R&D and highly approved by UL, CUL, CSA.

Established in 1990, our name then, Tai-Jan Lighting, started the development of low voltage halogen series, in 4” series and pioneered the stylish and elegant 3” series, that lights up every home, retail stores and commercial buildings, both series is still making big hit domestically as well as internationally.

On June, 2001, 6 uniquely designed series of commercial multi-lamp fixtures were introduced, that would carry 2 to 6 lamps in one faceplate installed under one fixture. The concept was to have lighting technology that would provide space saving yet energy efficient low voltage compact fixtures. It was also in this eventful year that a new series emerged, the AR111 that came out strong in the market and was the key element to our introduction of the next line of 6” series fixtures mania that successfully brought out the elegance and stylish innovation for HID lamps – the light of the new generation.

2005 saw the emergence of our Variable Series for HID lamps, PAR30L, PAR38, CDM-T , CDM-TC and CDM-R111. The unique feature of this single, 2 to 6 light fixture is it’s ability to support all five kinds of lamps, and are interchangeable. This Variable series creates high performance optics that professional designers use to make stunning visual statements.

At 2008, we start ulitizing new technology of LED, creating our first 3″ LED changeable beam angle down light (TJ-GLD-92), which is 55lm/W 3000K @ CRI >93. The signature 18W down light could already deliver over 1000lm. We then start to convert all of our fixture to adopt the new LED light source as well as creating new fixture for LED.

Here at Variable, the most important factor of our existence is the constant research and development of newest lighting design fixtures. Join us in our quest to provide more efficient yet safe lighting solutions to every residential and commercial institution. We will continue to provide customers with high performance, high quality yet competitive and affordable priced products with the most satisfactory service that.

Continuing of new innovation and development for pursue good products, we are constantly trying to bring new kind light source in order to get better light and illumination. Our goal is to bring better quality product to offer to the customer.

At Variable Luminaire we always have customer service representatives to assist you in any way as possible. Customer satisfaction is our first goal.

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